Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Report

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Fall 2014
EE236 Electronics
Course Project
Wireless Capsule Endoscopy
Sarah El-Sayed Gad , Sarah Abdel-Hakem Raslan
Computer and Systems Engineering Department , Alexandria University
Sarahjad94@gmail.com , raslan_sarah45@gmail.com
Abstract. Wireless Capsule Endoscopy is an electronic device with size of pill and can be Swallowed .It used in medicine To examine digestive tract. Small intestine is part of digestive tract because it contains tiny camera . The main purpose of this review is to explain the electronic side of the wireless capsule. Herein we will give detailed information about the main Components of the device such as LEDs , controller, cattery ,
CMOS image sensor, RF transmitter, Compressor and The Reception System . Paper contains
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In 1950 wireless capsule was developed , but it had limited jobs as measure a few physiological parameters of the GI tract, such as temperature, pH, and pressure . From this date to 2000 , many developments were made on capsule in order to improve it .
In 2000 the WCE which can take many images in a second for digestive tract was developed .
3 Specification of the Project
3.1 Introduction.
Wireless Capsule Endoscopy consists of : Controller , Battery, CMOS Image Sensor , Lens , RF Transmitter , Compressor and
LEDs . These components are encapsulated in a strong plastic container with a transparent optical dome window . And there is reception system . LEDs are illuminate the digestive path . Lens focuses the light onto the camera system then CMOS image sensor captured images , the compressor compress the images data , controller is microcontroller which control the components of the device then the RF transmitter strength signals and transmit the images data to the reception system , the Battery provides power to all electrical elements of the Capsule .
Components of wireless capsule endoscopy
3.2 Implementation
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