Wireless Mouse Research Paper

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Abstract: This paper describes a wireless mouse that can be controlled by a user’s arm movement alone .The main purpose of this mouse is to control various computer systems by a single user. It focuses on the invention of the arm controlled mouse that employs one tilt sensor placed on the hand. The primary goals of the system are to have a comfortable and easily wearable device without interfering with other everyday activities while tracking particular movements of hand that could be used to control a wearable mouse or other wearable devices. The system uses accelerometer based tilt sensor to detect the user’s hand tilt in order to direct the mouse movement through a sensor. Clicks of the mouse
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For this reason, we are trying to create a handheld device that uses accelerometer and gyro to detect its own orientation a feature that can be controlled by a user's arm movements alone. We are trying to make the device transmit data wirelessly to a base station so that there would not need to be any wires connecting the handheld device to the computer it controls, which would limit range and comfort when using the mouse from a distance. Due to increasing popularity of the Microsoft windows interface ie.Windows 10, computer mouse has become even added important. Therefore, it is necessary to invent a simple mouse system for the people to make their work easier. This research focuses on tilt and pressure controlled wireless mouse. The tilt sensors detect the angle between the sensing axis and the reference vector such as…show more content…
Tilt sensors help accelerometers in their response to the gravitational and linear motions. The main function is to measure the degree of tilt and show to the output to the user. Based on the readout, inclinometers as digital output. In this project, a 2-axis accelerometer is used to control cursor movement. The accelerometer reads the tilt of each axis and outputs each as a digital value.

Receiver Station: The base station serves one important purpose to receive packets sent from the Hand Unit, and convert it into HID format, and send mouse instructions to the user side computer. The base station microcontroller receives input to RXD from the RF module's data output. Communication is processed via UART in the same fashion as in the Hand unit. RF MODULE will act as physical layer which consist of raw bits. These raw bits are transferred by the UART to the microcontroller.UART works as a data link layer which provide error checking regulates the data flow and provide a well defines interface between the

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