Wireless Sensor Network Advantages And Disadvantages

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The more modern network is uni- directional, also control of sensor activity, enabling. The WSN is built or even thousands of sensors of nodes, where each node is connected to on sensors.The sensor of the WSNs, from a simple star network to an advanced multi hop wireless mesh network can vary.

Fig 1.1: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Each Sensor Node can contain various sensors and actuators that are used to collect the data and control physical processes. The collected data is transferred to the User through the network that can include Internet segments. The collecting of the data and controlling the node, may need to perform some successive on the measured data. Direct communication between
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The lowest significant bit. The Communication bit is the federal communication ratio. The wireless pattern is the adjacent frequencies.
1.1 packet network: Packet network are the process of finding paths in a network. In packet switching networks, routing directs packet forwarding (the transit of logically addressed network packets from their source toward their ultimate destination) through intermediate nodes. Intermediate nodes are typically network hardware devices such as routers, gateways, firewalls, or switches. General-purpose computers can also forward packets and perform routing, though they are not specialized hardware and may suffer from limited performance.
1.2 Wireless sensor network
Wireless sensor networks are composed of static nodes equipped with one or more sensor that use each other to obtain network connectivity (through multi-hopping). It follows the Hierarchical network structure as nodes in the network are fixed as to take advantage of the base station. The multi-hop network will divide the message data streams into segments and transmits the segments in distributed manner. The category of falls in tree based topology as one end of path is base station which simultaneously increase throughput and reduces the overhead of the network, and it can extend the coverage through multi hop forwarding mechanism. Such networks have a variety of envisioned applications [1], [3] in
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Basic Terms Used in Cryptography
1.3.1 Plain Text:
The original message that the person wishes to communicate with the other is defined as Plain the original message that the person wishes to communicate with the other is defined as Plain Text. The cryptography message is used to send the special name as plain text. For example, Alice is a person wishes to send.
1.3.2Cipher Text:
The message that cannot be understood by anyone or meaningless message is what we call as Cipher Text.
1.3.3 Key:
A specific string of data that is used to encrypt and decrypt messages, documents or other types of electronic data.. Keys have varying levels of strength. The specific way a key is used depends on whether it's used with asymmetric or symmetric cryptography. 1.3.4 Encryption:
Cryptography are mainly used the encryption technique to receive the messages through an unsecure channel. The process of encryption requires two things an encryption algorithm and a

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