Wisdom In The Short Story 'Antaeus' By Borden Deal

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Wisdom. Mastering the word results in ultimate success yet takes an extraordinary amount of discipline. In the short story “Antaeus”, T.J is a young boy from Alabama who is showing off his wisdom and smarts in a foreign place. His thoughts and ideas outweigh everything else as they what he thinks and speaks is unique and full of wisdom. Personally, I define wisdom as having knowledge, and experience, whether it be a specific thing, or in a horizon of activities. In the short story Antaeus, the author Borden Deal implies that wisdom is the key to success as T.J used wisdom by treating everyone with manners, knowing his facts about our home, the Earth, and being efficiently dedicated. Without wisdom, individuals would find it difficult to endeavor…show more content…
T.J came up with clever and convenient ideas to assist in the making of the rooftop garden and he made everyone work together as a team as well. In fact “He moved his foot against the black tar.” and he thought “We could make our own field right here.” When his companions rebelled against the idea, he told them that they can do anything up here since nobody comes up here and that no one has bothered them since they made this a hangout spot. Even though other projects that had previously been attempted had slowly fallen, this project had been held together by T.J. Even throughout the winter and after school, he slowly made the gang carry boxes and sacks of dirt up to the roof. Some of the evening's, T.J would even be carrying dirt by himself. He would start from one corner and line up the dirt to make the process more simple. Every day he would look through his mail and even make a round trip down towards the market to look for watermelon seeds on sale. With hard work and commitment, the young guns and completed their task of building the rooftop garden. When you’re passionate about something, you put your heart and soul into the activity. You want the task to be perfect because it is something you are passionate about. Spending time and dedication towards it will make you better at it and make the task look better, and you will want to reach your end goal that you have in mind. The more dedication and commitment you put in, the more you can taste your goal becoming closer and closer. For example, T.J had the goal of building the garden in his mind. He was dedicated to building the garden because he is passionate about the subject. He loves nature, he loves mother earth so he was working hard towards it and eventually he and his friends built the garden. It may have been destroyed later but they did make it. T.J kept the visions bright in the souls of his companions as they reached the goal they had set with the help of
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