Wisdom Sits In Places Summary

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The book wisdom sits in places is a very inspirational book about how names, places, and culture are all intertwined to create a story about the past. Keith H. Basso entails us about a strong culture that hits home about the strong human connection associated with names and place. Four different groups of Apache are introduced in Wisdom sits in places, and each one has a unique take on their culture associated with place. The Apaches own history is intertwined with that of the land, and by allowing us to read about the four different Apache groups. Basso expands the conciseness of his readers by showing the wisdom, manners, and morals of the rich culture of the Apache. Wisdom Sits in Places allows the readers to connect on a deeper level with the history of the Apache by going on a journey to discover their very interesting lives. The first chapter in Wisdom sits in Places is all about an introduction to the Apache world and the significance behind the names at each location. The Apache use places and names as a tool to…show more content…
Basso gets the readers involved through his book, and shows the important of how history needs to be passed down from generation to generation. Basso named his book exactly right because wisdom does sit in places, and you just have to have the knowledge to tap into that wisdom. This wisdom is passed down from generation and each generation can add their own story for the next. To even say that wisdom sits in places is a powerful saying because you can tap into that wisdom to better yourself morally, or find a sense of place. The idea that wisdom sits in places in a profound saying that explains itself, because it means so much in just one saying. Basso new what he stumbled on when he spoke about the Apache maps. Wisdom becomes a part of you because it connects the place with the body that enlightens you to a higher sense of
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