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Wise Blood and The Catholicism By Reem Abbas 43380421 Flannery O’Connor is one of the greatest Southern writers during the twentieth century. She is considered as a faithful and a good Christian writer. In her fiction, she never neglects her Catholic concerns. The large respect for O'Connor’s religion appears in most of her literary works. Thus, this paper intends to investigate how the Catholicism of Flannery O'Connor is visible in the characters, plot, and themes of Wise Blood. It is obvious that the explicit religious worldview is the main element of Wise Blood. When the author recognizes that most of the readers will disagree with her beliefs, and she might lose many of her audience, she decides to imbue comedy with religion in her writing. Also, she resorts to the grotesque in her fiction for the same reason. Margert Peller…show more content…
Haze wants to get rid of Jesus “I AM clean. If Jesus existed, I wouldn’t be clean” (47). Since he was a child, he does not believe in his religious strict mother words “Jesus died to redeem you” (40). These words and many other words he heard from his grandfather make him understands Jesus negatively. Choi finds that the boy‘s early understanding of Jesus as “soul-hungry” or, as “something awful,” comes to the conclusion that he must avoid this person because he asks people for redemption or dying to clean their souls from sins (170). Furthermore, When he grows up and after the war had done something to his insides as the author admits, he decides to be a preacher with out serving Jesus. He says: “I’m going to preach a new church-the church of truth without Jesus Christ Crucified.It won’t cost you nothing to join my church. It’s not started yet but it’s going to be.” (28). Choi believes that haze's decision to be a preacher portrays his desire to escape from both God and
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