Wislawa Szyborska's The End And The Beginning

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When one usually visualizes war, they imagine their army storming into battle with their flags raised high. They envision their troops easily overpowering the other size with as little casualties as possible. They believe in these powerful men and women to defend their country and honor successfully. Although they envision these powerful thoughts, most do realize that was is an ugly, horrendous thing. What they do not realize is that the people who stayed home in the comfort of their homes are sheltered from the worst of the situation. While reading analyzing "The End and the Beginning" written by Wislawa Szyborska, we realize that we are not fully able to comprehend the severity and pure evilness that happens during wartime. According to Merriam-Webster, war is defined as "a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state." This is a very mild definition compared to what a war veteran would provide when asked exactly what war is. While reading "The End and the Beginning," the descriptive words are so down-to-earth they provide realistic imagery in our minds. This poem is able to provide the truth from behind the scenes. This piece of work states, "Someone has to push the rubble / to the side of the road / so the corpse-filled wagons / can pass" which provides the reader with a tug on their heartstrings. The way this poem is…show more content…
War is necessary in order to defend our countries from the evil attempting to invade it. We want to provide our friends, family, and neighbors with a sense of security so they will not lay awake worried about living out the rest of their days. This poem by Wislawa Szymborska accurately displays exactly what these brave men and women encounter. While considering Wislawa Szymborska 's "The End and the Beginning," readers are able to not fully, but better comprehend the severity and disaster of wartime regardless of their
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