Wisteria And Wisty's Analysis

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Ever imagined having to live on the run, not knowing if the next step will be your last? Wisteria and Whitford Allgood have been doing that for several years, ever since the N.O. (New Order) took control. Whit and Wisty along with their friends, Byron, Janine, Sasha, and Emmit work together to free children and other captured Freelanders (citizens) from prisons and brainwashing facilities. With that being said, they are also looking for their parents who were captured by the N.O. years ago. The one who is the one is the leader of the N.O. He wants the capture Wisty so he can seize her magic and leave her bereft of her powers. I will be predicting what will happen to Whit and Wisty’s parents. I will also be questioning whether they will defeat the New Order. Lastly, I will be visualizing the expression on Whit’s face during an embarrassing scene in the novel. I predict that whit and Wisty’s parents will die. The only time that they have seen their…show more content…
She found herself on stage in front of thousands of Freelanders. She begins to sing a poem from his journal on stage in front of thousands of Freelanders. I can visualize whit gaping at Wisty with a dishonest look. I can visualize the embarrassment on his unkempt face as if he had just peed his pants in front of hundreds of people. Then in an instant, the sight of mortification and loss of dignity turns to hatred and disbelief. I have predicted the ending of Whit and Whisy’s journey, questioned the fate of their parents, and visualized an extremely important scene from the novel. Running for your life can be hard and by the looks of it, Whit and Wisty sure are struggling; but as long as one is tenacious and stick together, one can overcome anything. I feel as if I should receive a 9/10 on this journal because it is been a year since my last English paper. I feel aspects of this journal are sloppy, but I will improve as they quarter

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