Wit Movie Analysis

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In the film, Wit, Vivian Bearing is a patient with stage IV metastatic ovarian cancer who is being admitted to a research treatment. Ms. Bearing experiences different treatment from each healthcare provider. These differences are important in many aspects of the patient’s life especially psychologically. Most of the health care providers treat Ms. Bearing as a lab rat while the nurse attempts to nurture, provide comfort and privacy for Ms. Bearing. Thus, explaining what the differences were and how it impacted Vivian shows how she was being treated. In the beginning of the film, Doctor Kelekian speaks to Vivian in medical terms as if she knows them. Although Ms. Bearing is a doctor in Philosophy, this doesn’t imply that she knows the terms that Dr. Kelekian was speaking about. Vivian didn’t want Dr. Kelekian to know that she didn’t understand some of the things that he was saying. Later in the film, she regrets not asking questions before the research treatment started. Dr. Kelekian also emphasize that Ms. Bearing had to be “tough” and need to take full dose no matter what happens. He cares more about his research instead of trying to save Ms. Bearing’s life. Even at the end of Vivian’s life, Dr. Kelekian still imposes to Vivian that she needs…show more content…
She truly cares about what Vivian was going through. In the beginning of the film, Susie gets angry with Jason for leaving the Vivian in an awkward position. As the nurse advocator, she confronts Dr. Kelekian about reducing the dose of the chemotherapy, but he disregards her thoughts. Susie is concern about Vivian because she is lonely and has no one to speak to. Susie listens to Vivian and restates Vivian’s concerned. She also talks to Vivian about her condition; something that the doctors and interns failed to do. Susie was the only one who truly cares about Vivian and her condition. She provides communication, patient-centered care and
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