Witch Hunt Argumentative Essay

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The phrase of “Witch Hunt” was originally from the 15th century in which many people were accused, arrested and punished for practicing and believing in witchcraft. “Witch Hunt”, in the modern world, usually happens when people have conflicts of interests, religious conflicts and ethical conflicts in their societies. All these types of conflicts are formed due to some people decide to live in their unique world, and resist other people who come from different races, cultures, background, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. They consider themselves are enormously superior to others, and constantly look for opportunities to get rid of their opponents. In many instances, they opt to use the unlawful and unethical means …show more content…

During WWII, the anti-Semitic Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler emphasized purity of race and opposed any forms of variation in the racial distribution of his country. To achieve his goals of racial purity, Hitler began to unfairly assert that the reason for the humiliating defeat of Germany was the betrayal of the Jewish population in the country. Through his memoir and propaganda, he provoked the public to discriminate against the Jews, or even eliminate them completely in the country. In addition, Hitler utilized many unethical and unjust means against the Jews such as destroying all the books written by Jews, and shutting down all Jewish-owned business. He even enacted the law to humiliate the Jews, and make them to become the targets of the public by forcing them to wear a yellow star mark. Hitler’s acts to the Jews were completely unethical and disrespectful of human dignity. Furthermore, Hitler’s massive killing of the Jewish people with poison gas in the concentration camps in Germany, and his allied territories were unlawful because all the Jewish victims were innocent citizens and had their human rights to live. About 6 millions of Jews were killed during the Holocaust, and that tragedy was all caused by people’s hatred and selfishness. Today, although the German government acknowledged their responsibility for the crime committed during WWII and provided financial assistance to the victims’ families, the massive illegal killing of Jewish people were

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