Witch Massacre Research Paper

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Residents of Marani region in Kisii county have accused the government for allegedly harboring suspected witches in the region by protecting them, saying they pause a danger to economic growth. This come after two women who were caught exhuming a body of a corpse at Rioma region on Friday were rescued from lynch by area police before being taken to Marani Level Four hospital for treatment. On Monday, angry residents accused the police of protecting the witches and challenged the government to come out clean on the matter. “As residents, we are disappointed that the government is out to protect people who are impediment to development. They are out to defame our community by exhuming dead bodies and even bewitching innocent people. It’s really an irony that the government protects such people,” said Alloys Amwoma on their behalf.…show more content…
“For those who understand witchcraft, these people are merciless that they are out to kill innocent people. We deserve the government t protection but it has turned out that our government defends such serious crimes in the society. We still want the two ladies to be paraded publically and taught a lesson,” he added. However, area OCPD Benjamin Kimwele defended the police saying they acted to ‘protect’ the rule of law as outlined in the constitution. “As government, we don’t protect crimes but we have to ensure the lives of people are defended. Mob justice is never allowed and the police did the right thing. The residents should come with the evidence so that they help us prosecute them. As much as they were rescued from the site, we need more evidence,” he
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