Witch Of The Waste Case Study

1343 Words6 Pages Sophie is cursed by The Witch of the Waste Sophie’s title as ‘the eldest of three’ has shown its power. The witch of the waste suddenly approaches Sophie and puts a spell on her. Sophie is mistaken as her little sister, Lettie, who previously told had challenged the witch. The spell turned a 17 years old Sophie into a 90 years old woman. The magical event she experienced is a result of her condition: the unluckiest daughter of the Hatter family. Besides of the effect of the Land of Ingary’s magic, the event also happens because of the intrusion of the witch who curses Sophie. Nikolajeva (2002) believes magical event happens because there is active participation of magical character. The intervention of the witch of the waste to Sophie’s condition then forces Sophie to bravely take a further action: to find a way to break the curse; the thing she never has any thought of before. Her current state forced her to go away from her surroundings. It would be a shock for her family to find her suddenly has a grandmother appearance. Therefore, she plans to go on a journey to break the curse by herself. Magic Law…show more content…
“Don't worry, old thing,” Sophie said to the face, “You look quite healthy. Besides, this is much more like you really are.” Everything seemed to have gone calm and remote. She was not even particularly angry with the Witch of the Waste. (p.22). Rather than feeling depressed and blaming the witch for her 90 years old look, she feels quite relieved about her look. She finds out that becoming old fits her style more; she doesn’t need to pay attention to her appearance anymore. It shows that Sophie tries to escape from all the pressure she felt as an unlucky young girl. Moreover, her new-look offers her an opportunity to escape from her predestined fate. As it implied in the excerpt 4.9, the magic gives her a chance to seek her own fortune and escapes from her boring life; while she is also searching for a way to break the
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