Witch Trials Dbq

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In the spring of 1692, in a small village know at the time as Salem, tension was brewing between the local townspeople of Salem and the young women accused of witchcraft. Not many knew this yet but the trials to come over the next few months would have an enormous impact on the history of Massachusetts and America as well. Salem was a decent sized village with about 500 residents residing within the city lines. So for the most part everybody knew everybody, and one of the most popular figures in salem was the town minister, Reverend Samuel Parris. Parris was a father and a uncle to two young girls named Betty Parris and Abigail Williams both around the age of 9. Being the daughter and niece of the Minister it was especially odd that…show more content…
One of the more popular reasons is due to the Judging of the trials. Many believe that the judge and court of the trials, along with others, did not treat the, so called “witches”, humanly and fair. The court personnel consisted of Magistrates William Stoughton, John Richards, Nathaniel Saltonstall, Waitstill Winthrop, Samuel Sewall, John Hathorne, Jonathan Corwin, and Peter Sergeant. The Justices consisted of William Stoughton, Thomas Denforth, John Richards, Waitstill Winthdrop, and Samuel Sewell. The judge of the Salem Witch Trials was Johnothan ‘John’ Hawthrone, chossen by the Governor of Massachusets, Govorner William Philips to be the…show more content…
Even though the trials were over, of the town of Salem would never remane quite the same. After a long while the colony of Salem and Massachusets addmited that the trials, were in fact, not legitimate and a huge blemish on the American reputation and a massive mistake. Many people went around Salem and near by communitys and, for what its worth, appoligized to the familys affect. Studys have shown that the trials were a result of a certain level of paranoia amung the townspeople of Salem. The people of Salem may have used the trials as a scapegoat to explaine certain events going on in the town, and or a way to settle some of the fear caused by the war or local native american tribes around the area. So in conclusion, the Salem Witch Trials were not legitimate and was unjust and wrong in its original rulings. Many enocent people died by the hands of there own friends, family, and neighbors. Some say this is one of the most tragic events in early American history. Others would disagree with that statement, but eather way we as Americans and Human Beings must learn from our mistakes and make an atempt not to repeat
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