Witchcraft Diary Summary: The Diary Of The Crucible

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journal #1- narrative Today I went into town in order to see what all this witchcraft commotion was all about. According to Reverend Parris his daughter, Betty, has been bewitched. All this sounds a bit crazy to me because the details do not add up. I see Abigail and hope not to make conversation with her, but eventually I am alone with her and she explains everything to me. She begins by declaring her love for me and how much she misses me and does not go a day without thinking about me. She then tells me that all the witchcraft talk is nonsense and that Betty is just faking it. Abigail tells me that she and a group of friends went into the woods and danced around the fire. I was so shocked because dancing is a bad thing, I believe they must…show more content…
Abigail then kisses me and I linger in the kiss for a few seconds giving into the lust that has caused my marriage to go downhill. I quickly pull away already regretting my actions. I can not believe I became so vulnerable to my lust, because of my lust I am pretty sure I will burn in hell. Anyways as I was saying, Abigail blames Elizabeth for my retreat from the kiss and curses her name. My voice raises as I scold her for insulting my good and honest wife’s name. I leave Abigail there by herself and go on my way home with so many thoughts in my head. I can not begin to imagine Elizabeth’s reaction when she finds out I have seen and talked to Abigail, not only is she going to get angry when she finds out she is also going to get furious when she finds out I shared a kiss wit Abigail she might actually leave this time. I still can not believe Elizabeth has not left me for committing…show more content…
I can not seem to get Elizabeth’s attention for more than a second without her looking at me the way she does. She looks at me as though she might never forgive me and it really hurts me inside to know I have caused her so much pain. I enter my house with my gun after a long day in the woods planting crops. I lay my gun against the wall and make my way to the kitchen quietly listening to Elizabeth’s soft voice singing our beloved children to sleep. I see a pot in the fireplace and go give the soup a taste. BLEH! This soup is bland it needs some salt. I decide to add the salt myself instead of troubling Elizabeth with one more house chore. Elizabeth enters the room and asks me where I have been, I tell and then I compliment her on the soup leaving the part about the blandness out. Abigail brings up the topic of witchcraft by telling me that fourteen women are accused. I mention to Elizabeth that I had talked to Abigail and that she had told me that the witchcraft accusations were all just a hoax. Elizabeth tells me that I should tell the court about Abigail’s confession but I know I can not because we were alone and I am the only witness to the confession. As I am having a serious discussion with Elizabeth all of a sudden Mary Warren walks through the door. I am so angry with her because she was not supposed to go into town without my permission. I yell at her and
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