Witchcraft, The Supernatural, And The Power Of Magic

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For so long humanity has had a belief in witchcraft, the supernatural, and the power of magic. These beliefs have appeared commonly across cultures. Some of these beliefs and practices have continued to the present day. Nowadays, loads of people apparently believe in magic. In fact, this type of magic is the power to control natural forces possessed by certain persons as wizards and witches in folk tales and fiction (Merriam-Webster.com). This is very different from television and stage magic that depends on hand tricks and false illusions rather than supernatural power. Believing in magic variates throughout history and religion. The practice of magic, or witchcraft is often associated with cursing and evil hexes. Historically in Europe it was assumed that if crops suffered blight, or food spoiled unexpectedly, that a curse was behind it. Other ‘evidence’ of cursing were horses going lame, or milk cows going dry. Accusations of witchcraft were a product of the tension created by such occurrences, and innocent people were frequently killed as a result of witch trials. With the death of the accused ‘witch’, it was believed the curse was broken. The ancient Romans divined the outcome of battles or business deals by autopsying chickens and examining the condition of their livers. Divination is still popular with many people in the United States today. There are individuals who set up business to divine the future for their clients by examining such things as tea leaves in

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