Witchcraft In Hollywood

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Hollywood has powers. No questions about that. It has the power to change or create a complete vision, esthereotypes and beliefs. It has done it not only to witchcraft but also to other groups, like the mafia, conspiracies of the military, gods and religions, just to cite some. But probably the one that has been one of the preferred targets of the Hollywood creations are the witches and witchcraft. Of course, there is a lot of material there, that is undeniable. Magic? Making your wishes come true with a blink of an eye? It is certain audience! Everyone wants a piece of that, deep inside there is no one that does not desire to have all they’re dreams coming true, with no effort at all. At least this is the image that the movies usually sends,…show more content…
In the first case people are lead to believe that witches are pure evil and something to be frightened and battled, leading to intolerance and prejudice because there is no stronger motivator to violence than fear and hate. People fear what they don’t know. And they battle and avoid what they fear. And most of the time they don’t have even the curiosity to research a bit to understand what they don’t know, to decide by their own what really should be frightened and avoided, they simply accept some supposed truth that has been passed from generation to generation as an absolute reality. Here in Brazil what we see, more than fear is disdain. When you say you are a witch people laugh like it was not even a real thing or like if we were lunatics that thinks that have powers. That is frustrating, people have their minds so closed they are not even willing to talk about it and let us explain what witchcraft and magic really is. But fear is a reality also, even my husband when passing near to an offer that was placed by our house, with a red towel and drinks and flowers in a corner he passed very fast and made the sign of the cross. Even inside my own house, being myself a witch I have to deal with fear and preconcept…. I attribute that preconcept to TV, there is where this ignorant persons get all their information and to the knowledge passed by the fathers to the children and reinforced by
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