Witch's Brew Research Paper

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Witch 's Brew - RTG 's New Spooky Slot Game

RTG 's newest holiday themed slot is here! Just released, Witches Brew, promises some spine-tingling, bone-chilling, hair-raising fun. The release is timed to go along with all the Halloween festivities this month and I for one I 'm excited about it.
For starters I love all things Halloween and the symbols in this new slot game are just too much fun. You will find mandrake roots, long-bearded wizards, green-eyed black cats, wonderfully lumpy, bumpy, fat toads, bubbling cauldrons, bottles of elixir, candles, stacks of spell books and scrolls, mortar and pestle and a super fun creepy jar of eyeballs.
In addition to all the spooky fun symbols I just listed above, Witches Brew features not one but two
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