With A Meow Like A Rusty Latch On A Gate By Soto Summary

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When Soto says, “With a meow Like a rusty latch On a gate” he compares the weak cat’s “meow” to a rusty latch on a gate. The cat is weak, abandoned, so when the cat “meows” it sounds a bit like an old, rusty latch being opened after a long time. Also hearing a rusty latch to a gate being opened sounds like nails on a chalkboard which is an awful, obnoxious sound. The cat 's “meow” could also necessarily be obnoxious, and can sound like nails on a chalkboard. The cat’s meow was weak because he was basically homeless until found by the boy. It took him time to recover his “meow” and his personality. It is definitely true that the boy loves his cat very much and the cat probably loves the boy even more.
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