Without Fixing A Thing: Article Analysis

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In the editorial “Ending DACA Would Upend the Dreams of a Generation of Immigrants Without Fixing a Thing”, recently published by the Los Angeles Times, the writers address the current issues surrounding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in response to a public statement by the White House suggesting that the President is expected to annul DACA in as quickly as a week. In this article, the editors first explain what DACA is and what it accomplishes. DACA is a program instituted by the order of previous United States President Barrack Obama which is “designed to give stability to people whose undocumented status is no fault of their own” (“Ending” 1). Primarily intended for people who were minors brought illegally over the United States boarder by their parents, this federal policy provides a renewable two-year work visa and, consequently, immunity to deportation during that time for over 750,000 previously undocumented illegal immigrants.…show more content…
They state that those who are currently protect by the DACA program “should not be forced to pay the price for the choices of their parents” (“Ending” 1). Next, the article explains that there are measures integrated within the policy to prevent exploitation of it for illegal or destructive purposes. For example, to be eligible for protection under the DACA program, one must be in or be graduated from the United States education system and have no considerable criminal record. To conclude the article, the writers urge President Trump to consider his decision carefully and to appreciate the far-reaching effects of repealing the DACA
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