Joan Of Arc Essay

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Witness/Narrative: Joan of Arc In 1430 I was called a living Saint, now I’m called schizophrenic. But you can call me Joan of Arc. At age 13 I began to hear the voice of God in my head telling me to crown Charles VII, the heir of France. The English had claimed the French throne and in order to win the Hundred Years’ War, France needed a proper leader. Charles had to be crowned at Reims, the traditional French place of coronation. But it was in northern France, so in order to be get there he would have to be marched through English territory. When I was 16 I decided to begin my journey to crown Charles VII and save France. In order to gain an audience with Charles, I needed a letter of introduction from a nearby captain of French allies, Robert…show more content…
It was said that I told him something that only a messenger of God could have known. Then, in April I got my famous sword, armour, and banners. During early May I helped lead the French to victory at the battle of Orleans, which was an influential city in France. And on July 17, 1429, I accomplished one of my main goals of seeing Charles VII crowned at Reims cathedral. Then in May of 1430 I was captured by Burgundians at the gates of Compiégne and in November was handed over to the English for ransom. My trial by the biased English church began on January 9, 1431. And although I was being tried by the church, I was kept in a dungeon like a common criminal rather than in a monastery. But to my disappointment, Charles VII ignored my capture and didn’t send help. Because if I was declared a criminal by the church, then his crown would be considered illegitimate, since I assisted in its possession. In May, under death threat, I signed a confession admitting to faking divine guidance. But I was returned to prison anyway. Then four days later, I was caught wearing men's clothes and declared a relapsed heretic. After a short hearing, I was taken to be burned at the stake on May 30, 1431. At my execution I asked for a cross, which was given to me. And as the fire was lit I held the cross and cried out for Jesus as I died from smoke
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