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I have seen in a few ministries, individuals find difficulty in incorporating Christian witness into their development work. Forcing individuals to resort to strictly development or witness in their minds. However, I have always come away a bit perplexed. In my personal experience, once Jesus entered my life, it was transformed and I am not alone in this experience. In fact, everyone can experience this transformation and as much as people like to think about how difficult it may be to experience God work, witnessing this should be easy and common. Jesus is calling out to us and holds all the power in the world in his hands. Why do we put God’s capabilities in a box? If we just have a little faith and turn ours eyes to him, we would see a little more transformation in lives around the world.
So, with that, I say that witness and transformation in the community can take place in an interactive manner. Bryant Myers goes a step further and states, “the way we do
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Through our actions and words, people are going to ask questions. “In each case, the gospel is proclaimed, not by intent or plan, but in response to a question provoked by the activity of God in the community. There is an action that demands an explanation, and the gospel was the explanation” (Myers, 311). Further, evangelism is also the workings of God throughout the community or through the community. In this, other questions will be asked in which we can reply with the good news of Jesus. True evangelism with relationship and introduction at the center is found in this way. Once again, notice that development and Christian witness go side by side. And as people come to know Jesus, we don’t just stop there. We walk with them to become true disciples of Christ who are in turn taking the torch to also act on behalf of their neighbors and witnessing the transformation that God has made in their life through deed, word, sign and
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