Witness Testimony And Observation In Afghanistan

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III. Witness’ Testimony The witness was born in 1366 on the Sun Calendar (1987 on the Western Calendar). He speaks Dari of Afghanistan along with Pashtu and some English. He can read and write Dari, Farsi and Pashtu, and a small amount of English. He completed twelve years of high school and received a degree in Economics after completing a four-year curriculum at Karden University in Kabul and received a degree. Mr. Ahmadi is independently employed as a shopkeeper in Kunduz, which is where his family lives. The witness spoke with Karima Sadiqi regarding the deposition five days beforehand on the street in Kabul. They met for only two or three minutes because she was not feeling well. No one else was present. Karima told him that he…show more content…
The witness does not know her educational background and does not know if she is literate. Shazia did not work in Rafiullah’s businesses. After the occurrence, Shazia bought a house near the family’s house that their father rents to a construction company. The witness’ father, Haji Ahmad Wali, had two wives. His first wife, who was the witness’ mother, passed away six or seven years ago. The witness’ father has been married to Rafiullah’s mother, Bibi Khadija, for about forty-five years. The witness is married to Noheda and they have a daughter and a son. Rafiullah’s brother, Hafizullah is married to Malika and they have three sons and three daughters. Zabiullah is married to Hajimina with two sons and two daughters. Shukrullah is a student and is not married. Edris is not married also. All of the above siblings and their families live in their father’s house. Rafiullah’s sister, Fariba is married to Safeolah and they have three or four children. Fariba and her family live in house near the rest of the family. Manija lived in the family house in 2010, but she has since married with a daughter, and they live separate from the family. Saddah lived in the witness’ father’s house in 2010, but she moved out when she married. She has no

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