Witness The Prosecution Short Story

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Text Based Response "Witness the Prosecution" by Agatha Christie
The short story "The Witness the Prosecution" by Agatha Christie takes place in 1940s-1950s England and tells a mysterious story of a man named Leonard Vole who is on trial for the murder of the elderly and exceedingly wealthy, Miss Emily French. Through the masterful telling of this murder mystery, Christie takes the reader on a journey through the court proceedings, testimony and behaviors of an array of characters, creating a rich story that underscores the sharp irony woven into this piece. It is the irony that creates a surprising and disturbing ending that concludes in quite a different way than what was expected, making this mystery story one that out maneuvers the reader
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First, Vole 's wife Christine comes to his defense in the courtroom and provides an alibi for Vole. The letter she offers as evidence shows a conspiracy between a man named Max and Romaine and outlines their plans for Vole 's set up and conviction although he had not actually committed the crime. This letter, created by Christine and completely fiction, provides enough doubt for the jury that Vole is possibly innocent and soon released. Christine takes the dangerous and criminal act of forging this letter in order to save the man she loves, her husband, Leonard Vole. Her devotion to him can be seen in the risks she takes to free and, in turn, destroy others. This ironic twist that the murderer is set free and Romaine, a victim of Christine 's devious plan is instead imprisoned is a troubling turn of events for the reader. The idea that Vole would be freed and innocent woman imprisoned is an ironic twist because the reader is bothered that the justice system failed on so many levels. Agatha Christie is considered one the world 's greatest mystery writers and lives up to the reputation with yet another ironic twist that leaves the reader reeling. It was in fact Romaine, the convicted woman who had actually set the entire "put up" in motion and had willingly convicted herself with unknowingly fake evidence provided by Christine, in order to free Mr.
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