Witness Transport Case Study Essay

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Case Study: Witness Transport Allison was a client whose ex-husband had tied her up, tried to cut off her fingers, cut her arms, bound her legs, doused her with gasoline and made an unsuccessful attempt to light her on fire before a SWAT team moved in and captured him. Our client had to go to court and testify about these crimes. The New Black Panthers turned out in support of the defendant, protesting on loudspeakers, doing anything they could to intimidate the witness. I decided against trying to force our way through the angry crowd. We set up a team of four. We didn’t really have to know the facility, because the bailiffs did. Our advance consisted of taking our information to the bailiffs: who we were, our ID’s, our licenses, our purpose…show more content…
“Rules of engagement” you may have learned don’t apply. • Your resources. Forget having backup from dozens of troops, armored vehicles, heavy ordnance, with air support on call. It may be just you or a small handful of CPO’s and the local police department. The biggest headaches I get are from those students who have no training and no experience—yet they’re certain they have a divine gift or instinct for executive protection. These students are trainable, but they might have to repeat the class after some field experience to really understand what is new and different about this discipline. Repeating my classes is always free, and some lessons are much more real to students the second time around. I have a great track record with the quality of students who have come through my school. Nearly all are motivated to help others. This desire to protect, to keep others safe, creates humility, cooperation and a willingness to learn. Not every applicant makes it into my classes, and not every student gets a certificate, though I make it hard to fail if you sincerely want to learn. The great majority do make it. I want to train people that I would be willing to hire, and that doesn’t include Mr. Billy Badass, current drug abusers, or keyboard
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