Witter Monologue

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I had narrowly escaped the fighting. It didn’t take long for me to find my way taking cover behind a large thicket of trees. Quietly I’d run along the wood, following a long forgotten trail. If I kept going it would lead me to the woods. Ditching was punishable by death in the Imperial Army. But, so is everything else. Never had I ever thought this possible. I marched to my likely death, and watched the carnage ensue. The might of less than half of the Imperial Army rumbled unopposed. I charged with them at first, but the final straw was what I saw on the steps to the main outpost. One man held back the hordes, and for some reason another stood to the side watching. Just watching. His hair was gray, a helmet holding it all. I could tell by the way his armor was old,…show more content…
What’s yours?” I’d ask, trying not to laugh at his now ale-soaked shirt.

“York. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have...urgent business to ki-I MEAN…” York would try to stop himself, but it was too late. One word and I knew what his goal was. Why he had the map. Why he was in a tavern right outside of the Imperial Capital of Gorg. Who he wanted to kill. We had a common goal.

“York, I believe we have a common interest here today!” I’d wink very obviously. He was definitely drunk so I wanted everything to be as clear as possible. I’d grab his arm, dragging him with me, and handing him a tree branch. It was time to kill The Emperor. There was nothing that could stop us. No animal, no building, no weapon, and certainly no person that could stand in our way. We’d march towards the capital. In his hands were the tree branch, and the map. In mine, an empty cup and a small knife. The first place to look for The Emperor was the old training camp. We’d charge, in a drunk sort of way.

“So..what do we do...when we find The Emperor? Do we just-” he’d trip on his own feet, getting a faceful of dirt and mud as a reward for his amazing stunt. Surprisingly, we’d make it to the woods without
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