Wittliff Art Analysis

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On Friday, October 2nd, I visited the Wittliff art collection at Texas State University. I was very excited at how much art I was going to see as I made my way to the 7th floor of the Alkek Library, which is where the Wittliff art collection is located in. Sadly, with all of the artwork that was displayed, I was having trouble deciding on which art pieces to write this critique on. However, two certain 2-D pieces caught my eye. Out of all of the displays in the art collection, I ended up choosing Keith Carter’s photograph and Kate Breakey’s painted photograph. First up is Luna, Keith Carter’s photograph. With the title already being quite simple, it influences the simplicity of the photograph. Carter used gelatin silver print to create the medium sized photograph. Being that, the color scheme is very basic, and again, adding to the simplicity of the…show more content…
If you haven’t figured it out from the title, this is a photograph of a butterfly that was later painted. The piece is very balanced and asymmetrical, causing it to be very simple looking at first. When you compare this artwork with the other displays, it actually really stands out. The reason as to why it stands out is because this is the brightest and most colorful piece in the art collection. The value of this piece consists of mostly dark colors with the use of light colors to create a darker, higher contrasted look. The choice of blues for the butterfly’s wings and purple for the background creates a very elegant and beautiful feeling. The focal area of the art piece is the butterfly. The use of a reddish-purple to highlight around the butterfly causes the butterfly to pop out more. The texture of the butterfly is clearly visible and it increases the elegancy and beauty of the photograph. In my opinion, this art piece is the best out of the other pieces that were displayed in the art collection that
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