Wizard Of Oz Allegory Analysis

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Atheist Allegory A Personal Extreme Interpretation Before I cover this interpretation, I just want to say I have a religion of my own (Judaism) and I respect everyone regardless of religion or personal thoughts and ideas on the universe. This is a theory about religious, conservative extremists. I thought this was a very far-fetched idea that is so different that it’s very interesting. But without further ado, and no objection or personal opinion whatsoever, this is the Atheist Allegory: The story starts out in Kansas, the whole world is black and white. The reasoning of this is because religion has everyone thinking “black and white”. You are either a non-questioning down to god human being or an evil non-believer who will pay for their nonconformity. Dorothy is the protagonist, an atheist in the making. She is getting into a lot of trouble in Kansas due to her dog, Toto. Toto represents Dorothy’s critical thinking and ability to question. The dog is hated by Ms. Gulch who represents the extreme local church. Free thinking is seen as a danger to established religions when it is used to question the authenticity of said religion. But before Ms. Gulch had a chance to destroy Toto, they are whisked away in a tornado, this represents the journey of…show more content…
The Flying Monkeys, the Munchkins, were all under the spell of the Wicked Witch. But Dorothy was able to break that spell, to break the witch's control over Dorothy's life. After the task is complete, they return to the wizard, A.K.A. God; but they don’t receive anymore help because they are suppose to serve him. But then Toto, Dorothy’s critical thinking finds the man behind the curtain. The road of reason led Dorothy to the truth. There is no wizard and you can guess what that means for God. The whole time the charade was run by a human being, just like us. We made God, not the other way
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