Wizard Of Oz Book Analysis

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Dr. Friedman
Risa Kishner
October 8, 2014

L Frank Baum shows in his work, The Wizard of Oz, the problems in society during the 1980’s by using metaphors. The movie that was created after the book lost the true intentions of the author by taking out important details and flipping the books meaning. The Wizard of Oz is a novel that got transformed into a motion picture. The Wizard of Oz has many ideas and circumstances that shadow what was going on in America at that time.
The book was written in the 90’s and it had points in the book where Hollywood took the ideas that the main ideas where ruby slippers were meant to be silver because of the gold standard. They wanted to bring silver in the United states to create inflation. The Scarecrow represents what was going on with the Framers during that time in the 19th century. The Tin man was representing what was going on with the industrial workers. Through out the book and the movie there is a big difference with the points that L Frank Baum was making. In the book the shoes that Dorothy are wearing are silver while in the movie they are ruby slippers. The silver was representing the gold standard in the book the silver and the yellow brick road. The yellow brick road being the gold. When America was trying to get currency like other countries they had to make sure they were in balance with each other. America needed to make sure their silver was in balance with the gold. In the
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