Wizard Of Oz Rhetorical Analysis

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When animals around the planet begin to attack humankind, it is up to one man to persuade the world to take action, or allow themselves to perish. Jackson Oz, a dropout from Columbia University, has for years, been developing a theory called HAC or Human Animal Conflict. After noticing an increasing number vicious of animal attacks on humans, Oz dropped out of Columbia University to focus more on HAC, that raised several eyebrows from his peers. He has no job or PhD and is struggling. All over the world, brutal attacks are destroying entire cities. Oz watches the escalating events with an increasing sense of dread. When he witnesses a lion ambush in Africa, the enormity of the impending violence becomes terrifyingly clear. He knows he has to…show more content…
He follows it all the way into this basement and sees a whole pack of dogs, fighting, birthing, and feeding. Oz notes that there is this awful smell, but it was a very unusual scent. He returns home to his family, and explains to Chloe that he might have found the missing piece to this puzzle. He called a meeting to talk to scientist about pheromones, the chemicals found in secretions from mammals which is causing this spike in aggressive behavior. They got it worked down to exactly what is causing the vicious animal attacks which is, hydrocarbons in petroleum and cell phone radiation which has affected the pheromones that are normally secreted. It doesn’t affect humans because we have a really weak sense of smell compared to other animals. The only way to test if the theory is true is to shut down all electrical power and cellphone towers worldwide. The President complies and issues a broadcast which is a two week cessation of electrical power. That means no one is allowed to drive, use electricity, or a cell phone for two weeks. As the blackout begins, the animal attacks stop completely. That’s when they realize they found the problem, but the bigger problem is how to find a way for humans to operate without using the same hydrocarbons. A week into the ban, people start to use electricity again. The attacks start again, but worse than before. The President was
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