Wk1 Case Study

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Narrative: Brief Synopsis: Worker 1(WRK1, AFSAS Person 1) was descending a flight of stairs, when he slipped falling down bruising his hip and tailbone. WKR1 received five LWDS for his injuries. Sequence of Events: WKR1 arrived to work on a snowy day. As WKR1 entered the main door to his work center he cleaned his feet on a damp rug and proceeded down a flight of stairs to his office. Just as WKR1 stepped on the stairs, his right leg slipped causing him to fall down landing on his tailbone. Members of WRK1’s work center heard the banging in the stairwell and rushed to his aid. WKR1 was taken to a nearby medical facility where he was diagnosed with a severely bruised hip and tailbone. Investigation and Analysis Causal Factors Investigated:

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