Wladyslav Szpilman Essay

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This essay is about Wladyslav Szpilman, he was a polish pianist who basically had to survive from the German Occupation of Warsaw at the Holocaust. For you to understand better this essay I will explain the following topics. The Jewish Holocaust; the jewish holocaust was the persecution of 6 million Jews killed by the Nazi Regime and its collaborators. Holocaust is a word of greek origin meaning “sacrifice by fire”. The Nazis, who came to power in germany in january 1933, believed that German people were superior just because of their skin color. In 1933 the jewish population of europe stood at over a million. Most of the jewish people lived in countries that the Nazi Germany would occupy during World War II. By 1945 the germans killes nearly 2 out of 3 jews. Althought jews were the…show more content…
Wladyslav Spizllman was a really brilliant polish pianist. He was one of the few jews that could escape from deportation. Wladyslav Spizllman was a very brave person, he was forced to live in the warsaw ghetto. He also neede to manage and find ways of surviving, but he got the help of a German officer who gives him food to survive. At the time I saw this movie it was a bit sad since i imagined how hard it was to go through all that, and being honest if i had been in that situation i will not be able to survive. Wars between countries can be very problematic and devasting. Like the countries that have already experienced violent conflict face a higher risk of making a new conflict. Many people can suffer of torture, rape and sexual violence. Uncertainly in a post-war society leads to capital flight and a brain drain, making it harder for the country to recover and rebuild infrastructure. Wars can also have an effect on children, most of the die not because of weapons, but from preventable diseases that are not treated because the healthy systems were destroyed. Children may also die because of the decreasmento sentivity to the of human
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