Wokig Indiana Analysis

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Shocking Turn of Events for Indiana! The fall of the second Martian cylinder has caused many dilemmas for the residents of Woking. What used to be a calm, beautiful Friday night, had become a violent, rough Saturday morning. The people of Woking were greeted with two deadly and disastrous threats: The Heat-Ray having Woking in sight for a devastating blast of destruction, and a Martian capsule falling in the proximity of Woking which could cause much terror and panic among the streets and people. These two calamitous events were possibly a continuation to the Martian’s invasion on Earth. As a dispatch of soldiers were fighting and planning against the Martians, residents of Woking, Indiana and Jones, were overcome by a large problem. The Martian’s motive remains unknown, but what is known is that the downfall of Woking could be imminent.…show more content…
This was the first wave of resistance the Military had sent, so far. The residents of Woking feel safe in the presence of the Military, but the same does not go for Indiana, and his wife, Jones. “We can’t possibly stay here! Danger lurks right around the corner,” said Indiana “We plan on departing for Leatherhead immediately, the presence of my cousins and relatives will put me at ease from all this Martian nonsense, especially since I no longer feel safe in my home,” said Jones. “Even though we have the presence of the military, we have no idea what the Martians are capable of doing. I’ve seen their work in action, it was a traumatic experience I can barely recall,” exclaimed Indiana. As heard from the two, they plan on fleeing to Leatherhead to escape the dangers that shadow over Woking. This reading is based off facts from Chapter.9; “The Fighting Begins”, in The War of The Worlds, by H. G.
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