Wolf Brother Poem Analysis

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The story Wolf Brother, by Michelle Paver, is a thrilling tale about a prepubescent boy who is desperate to avenge his father and save the forest from a devastating evil. The setting of this book is in an ancient European forest, thousands of years ago. The theme is the will to survive and destiny, which the protagonist,a twelve year old boy named torak, expresses well by doing everything he can to survive while carefully avoiding the antagonist, a bear that is possessed by an evil spirit whose goal is to destroy everything in its way, and ultimately defeating it, which is in the prophecy and falls into place by destiny. Wolf Brother begins with Torak and Pa, Torak’s father, in a clearer part of the forest having a Small meal before they…show more content…
They escape together with his gear and wolf and head off towards the mountain. She explains why she is helping and a whole bunch of other stuff while they are trying to look for a place to stay until the morning. They eventually find a new place and she explains the first step that they must do. She recites a poem that describes the three items that they must get to destroy the bear, the first about a pearl, the second of a lamp, and the third about a special rock. They don 't have a clue of where to find them and decide that to head north towards the mountain. They come across a roaring river and find a place to cross, first the girl takes the wolf, then they head back for their gear when Torak slips and gets washed away. They chase him downstream from the shore and don 't make it in time as he crashes down a waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall, Torak sees something small and shiny, which he grabs and then swims to the surface. His traveling partners are waiting on the shore when he surfaces and swims to the shore. He shows Renn the small pearl he found, and they both agree that that is the first item, so they continue heading…show more content…
About a quarter way through the lake, they find themselves in a massive snowstorm and must find cover quickly. Torak finds a snow berm with a slight opening and looks around for Renn. She is nowhere to be seen and he assumes she already found cover, so Torak climbs in and seals the entrance. Inside he find an old skeleton holding onto a lamp, and figures that that is the last item, so he takes it and waits out the storm. When the storm calms, Torak goes out and looks for Renn. He finds her in a little hole, barely alive. He make a small fire and she eventually warms up and they continue towards the mountain. At the base of the mountain, they are ambushed by the raven clan, the clan that captured Torak, and they take him back to their little camp about halfway up the mountain. He stays a night there and in the morning he heads off to the top with the three items and his wolf. At the top, he is met by the bear and as the bear growls, Torak’s wolf takes the items, which are in a little sack, and he starts running with them. The bear chases them to a little cave where he won 't fit and when he lets out a tremendous roar, which causes an avalanche to fall onto the bear, knocking him to the bottom of the mountain and killing
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