Wolf Camp Short Story

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I slowly opened the door and exited the car, my feet then sunk into thick, viscous mud. I sighed and looked down at my feet, I have never liked being or feeling dirty.
It was a good thing only an hour before, I had purchased a pair of black heavy duty muck boots. As the grossness of standing in mud subsided I looked up, and saw damped down trees,in every direction. Their were light green aspens and dark green deciduous, multi color ponderosa pine. While the wind blew and the sounds of tree limbs wiped back and forth in the gust, I just stood their and breathed in the cold, crisp air and hoped this place wasn't as bad as I had been imagining it would be. We had made the trip from Marysville that morning, it was around 3:15 on a Wednesday.
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My parents bought 22 acres of land on a hill called “wolf camp” My new home. The road of wolf camp is a right turn off highway 21, and 3 miles up of twists and turns, unfilled potholes, and tons of dust. Once we passed all that we got to my drive way, which Is a steep stretch for almost a ¼ mile. The first time we made the venture up Wolf Camp I remember thinking, this is my drive way? Every time I wanna leave ill have to drive down this long, treacherous (at the time) road that will inevitably lead to more road. I was a bundle of emotion the first few months of living in Republic, I missed paved roads, and short distances to a location. It was the exact opposite in this…show more content…
My old home was a standard 5 person family home, with multiple bathrooms and lots of space to never feel crowded. My parents sold that house in pursuit of giving me and my siblings an authentic experience. It sure was, we moved off grid, Which was quite a difference for us. We have no pluming, which wasn't that hard at first because I had been camping before but I never imagined my life would turn into camping trip everyday for three years. Then we have no running water, which got to me after 10 minutes of feeling dirty every single day, I remember going to bed some nights with feet that were covered in dirt, and just feeling completely discussed and filthy. Then we had no power besides a gas generator which we only used when my step dad was using power tools to try and finish are uncompleted structure that would soon become our
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