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Conclusion Leonardo DiCaprio has the lead role in The Wolf of Wall Street. He became famous in the 1990s because he started a stockbroking firm, a boiler room that made millions by swindling investors. Basically he and his salesmen got on the phone and pressured clients to buy stocks, which they then manipulated. He was addicted to profit and completely devoid of any real time of ethical code. Where once he had been a somewhat humble, family man, the money he acquired through his time on Wall Street slowly turned him into a reckless deviant. Ethical Lesson Firstly the film raises ethical questions about the nature of the goals which Belfort articulates, as well as the way they are achieved. In Belfort’s world, the means justify the ends,…show more content…
In this domain, men are scared to reveal any signs of ‘weakness’ as doing so provides others with opportunities to castigate them. In addition, Belfort and all the male characters in the film treat women either as sex objects, trophy wives or both, with the female characters depicted as being knowingly complicit in this process. While the men of this movie are adored, the women in the movie are depicted as either “gold diggers”. Women are either shown coming into the office for the men to have sex with because they are prostitutes or at parties where they go after the rich, drug abusing, men for their money. In one part of the film, a young lady is offered ten thousand dollars to shave her hair in front of the office. She obliges because her bosses are pushing her to do it so they can have a good laugh. After she has her head shaven she is mistreated, called abusive names, and has the money she earned thrown in her face. She epitomizes gender inequality in the work place because she is forced by a man to embarrass herself for entertainment of males. The men see her as their plaything rather than their…show more content…
The Wolf dresses sharp, can pull the chicks, and made loads of money. Therefore, throughout this movie, ethics play an important part of being a successful business and that without having a strong moral compass, success would not be long lasting and would not mean much. Loss of ethics does not happen overnight. It happens in small steps. Each time one steps over the line just a step into the dark side and then step back, he moves the line a little. Doing this several times can lead to someone doing things he never thought he would and lose all perspective of morality and ethics. Most school authorities have an obligation to provide students with the skills and knowledge essential for success in business. Such skills cover management, marketing, finance and more, but The Wolf of Wall Street demonstrates why ethics is another tool whose importance cannot be overstated. While it is agreed that everyone will face an ethical dilemma at some point in their career, their degree of difficulty will vary. These situations aren’t convenient, often require quick and strong action and can cause much collateral damage if handled improperly. Without self-awareness and reflection, it’s easy to end up engaging in behaviours that may negatively impact someone, not to mention the people behind

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