Music: The Life Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Introduction I chose to do my research paper on Mozart because I wanted to learn more about Mozart’s life and his compositions. Mozart was the most famous composer of all time. His music is used in movies, nursery rhymes and in commercials. ‘’The final trilogy’’ are the most recognized pieces of music ever composed by Mozart. History of Player Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on 27 January 1756 in the small city of Salzburg, Germany. His father was Leopold Mozart (1720-1778). Leopold was a German composer, conductor, teacher and violinist. His mother was Anna Maria (1720-1778). She was a homemaker. Early Life As a child Mozart’s main interests were his violin, his composing and his piano. Mozart composed his…show more content…
In his music, the grace and tenderness of the style is retained. Creativity of Mozart is focused primarily on the enhanced expression of the soul world, on faithful display of the reality in its variety. The music of Mozart conveys the feeling of fullness of life, everyone can feel a passionate striving for happiness and joy. This music contains other feelings like grief, love, happiness and sadness. Mozart died on December the 5th 1971 in his home. The true fame came to Mozart after his death. The name of Mozart has become a symbol of enormous amounts of respect and awe and creative genius. Numerous musicians and writers look up to the greatness and the value of Mozart’s legacy and the huge role that his music plays in the life of mankind. In conclusion, I have learned a lot about Mozart. I hope that people of this generation will continue to listen to his music. He was one of the greatest composers. His legacy still has a big effect on our modern lives, his music flows through our everyday lives through mediums like commercials, nursery rhymes and movies. I will continue to learn more about him and listen to his music and experience
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