Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Career In Music

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According to Deutsch et al. (2009), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756 and baptized a day after his birth at St.Ruperts Cathedral in Salzburg. His parents were Leopold and Anna Maria. Mozart 's father was one of the Europe leading music composers, however, he gave up after Mozart talent on music become evident. Mozart was employed by the ruler Salzburg as the court musician, however, he grew more dissatisfied with Salzburg and made more effort to get a job elsewhere. This was attributed to the fact he was paid low salary and also Mozart loved and also he was interested in composing opera but Salzburg provided him little opportunity for opera productions. After the termination of his job he began another journey hunting tour and this time was accompanied by his mother Anna Maria. They visited Paris, Munich, and Mannheim and he was signed by the members of Mannheim orchestra which was the best music group in Europe. After some period Mozart moved to Paris to build his own music career but he was not successful. The reason as to why Mozart strained to get a job despite his talent was that preferred a high-profile job as he had earlier worked with greater musicians such as Haydn Mozart modified the classic stylist and made it more interesting and somberly (Deutsch et al., 2009). Additionally, his songs were loved for the period when the classic stylish genre changed from one exemplified by the style that began then incorporating some of the complexities of the late

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