Wolfgang Mozart Major Accomplishments

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Wolfgang Mozart was a genius who excelled in music at the age of five, he played violin, piano, cello and many other instruments. A genius is someone who has talent and is creative, therefore Wolfgang is a great example of a genius. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musician capable of playing multiple instruments and profoundly shaped classical music. Mozart was introduced to music at an early age by his father Leopold a successful composer and violinist he taught wolfgang and his brother. Wolfgang excelled and showed a strong sense of understanding. Wolfgang learned from different angles his father tried to make his lessons fun since Wolfgang was young. Wolfgang produced over six hundred pieces of music and when he was young he did not play with toys he composed at the age of five because he knew violin and piano. Wolfgang forced relationships while on tour he traveled to europe and met multiple accomplished musicians and became familiar with their work and strategies, one of his important meeting was Johann Christian Bach.…show more content…
While in Italy he showed interest for Opera and started writing his own, later his operas displayed a profound insight into human psychology, that shows he thinks in opposites because he thought differently than the people in his time. Many say Wolfgang was a musical genius he had ideas of a very high quality and he had the ability to execute those ideas. He showed a high understanding early in his life for performing and composing. Therefore Wolfgang Mozart is an example of a genius he was considered the greatest composer of his time because he was creative and successful most his life. He died at age thirty-five yet his rise to fame and accomplishment at a young age will be remembered and stay a

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