Wolfgang Reitherman's Life And Work

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Wolfgang Reitherman known as Woolie Reither man was an animator and one of the Disney’s Nine Old Man. He was born in Jun 26, 1909 at Munich Germany. His family move to America when he was a child. Reitherman returned to school at the Chouinard Arts Institute, graduating in 1933 after attending Pasadena Junior College and working as a drafts man for Dougas Aircraft. He served in World War 2 for the United States Air Force and earned the Distinguished flying eross after serving in Africa, China, India and the South Pacific. He works with Disney Legends Ward Kimball and Milt Kahl for Disney in 1934. They worked together on a classic Disney shorts which include The Band Concert, Music Land and Elmer Elephant and Reitherman worked on various Disney…show more content…
He was from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was also one of the Disney Nine Old Men. Besides being an animator, Ward Kimball was a jazz trombonist and he led the The Seven-Piece Dixieland Band Firehouse Five Plus Two. He prefers working on comical characters rather than realistic human designs. Ward Kimball designed classical characters such as Crows in Dumbo; Tweedledee and Tweedledum, The Mad Hoffer and Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. He also created the most popular “Three caballeros” musical number from the Disney film. Kimball became a director in 1953 and he won the academic award for the best animated short film such as Tooth, Whistle, Plunk and Boom and also for the short animated cartoon, It’s Tough To Be A Bird. Kimball worked at Disney till 1974 as a writer in Babes In Toyland and animated for Mary Poppins, The mouse factory was his last staff working for Disney TV. He died on 8 july 2002 when he was 88 years old. He recounted in Neal Gabler’s biography of Walt Disney, Kimball was a key figure in spreading the urban legend that Disney has left instructions for his body to be preserved by cryonics after his
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