Wolfgangus Mozart

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Mozart was an influential composer of classical music of his time, or by his full name, Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart was what is now known as a modern rockstar of his time and was born in January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria. Wolfgangus Mozart was a prodigious child, having extraordinary music skills and ability and used it to comprehend his talent; and by prodigious, it basically means that Wolfgangus Mozart was a very in tune talent at a young age with tremendous amount of skills. Prodigy means that a person, preferably a young person, having extraordinary or enhanced skills at something, and in this case it’s music. This eventually led to a successful career, though a very successful, but unfortunate end.

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Leopold Mozart was a composer, a German composer infact, a teacher, a conductor and also a violinist. He was born in Augsburg in November 14, 1719 and eventually passed away in May 28, 1787. He was a mentor and a teacher to Wolfgangus Mozart for basically his whole childhood, and had a very complicated relationship with Wolfgangus Mozart, and not to mention with his birth family too. However, it is speculated that Leopold Mozart had a very troubled relation with his son, and it’s mainly because of betrayal by his son, as speculated by his son’s personality, career choices and his music style; and therefore raised his daughter’s son who was also named Leopold as if to compensate for his son’s…show more content…
The cause of his death was recorded as “severe miliary fever,” which was a simple statement about his death. However, there are countless theories over how he got “severe miliary fever,” and how it contributed to his death. So it is not for certain how he died, and the reason behind it. He did not leave a piece, or something simple behind, he left his legacy, multiple pieces, he changed music as a whole, he was the definition of music and art during his time period. That was his requiem, that was his token to the people of his time, and a token to us. Requiem is an act of remembrance, and he is still remembered to this day for changing music in a positive day. The frequent belief that Wolfgangus Mozart was laid to rest in a pauper's grave is also without foundation or in some myths without even a coffin. Some believe that his wife was the prime reason why he was laid to rest in a pauper’s grave. Pauper basically means a poor decision, and poor in a simple definition. In this case, he was laid to rest as if he was poor, which was a poor decision by the wife, or whichever myth is
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