Womaats Vs. Bare-Nosed Wombats

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Adaptation Since they live in different climates and areas different types of wombats have different fur and adaptions. Bare-nosed wombats live in Southeastern Queensland, East New South Wales, areas of Victoria, and the Southeastern tip of South Australia. These areas are colder with more rain and their habitats include woodland, shrubs, mountainous regions, and coastal areas. They also have little to no underfur that is longer than the Hairy Nosed wombat’s fur. On the other hand, Southern Hairy Nosed wombats live in drier climates with 8-20 inches of rainfall. Their habitat includes grass plains, savannas, open woodlands, and limestone coastal areas. They have soft and shorter hair and a soft pig-like nose. Different types of wombats look

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