Woman Can Get Hurt

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In the reading, “Two ways a Woman Can get Hurt ” by Jean Kilbourne, Kilbourne starts off with how in today’s society woman in advertisements are degraded and sexualized. Basically, the media and advertisements use woman’s bodies as objects to sell whatever it is that they are selling. Kilbourne also states that often these pictures can be somewhat pornographic. Kilbourne goes on with explaining that when you use pornographic-like images it exploits woman and only does them harm. When everything is so sexualized in today’s society it makes the power-less more vulnerable and at risk. When you have a man and woman engaging in a sexual manner, it is almost indicating that this brand or product will help you get with a woman. Also, sometimes these…show more content…
It subconsciously makes men feel powerful and in control when an image shows a man and a woman engaging in sexual contact. I never realized before how sexualized images in ads are today. Before, looking through a magazine it was almost normal for me to see a woman’s stomach as a beer bottle, or women surrounding a man who uses the cologne “axe”. Basically, foolishly indicating that if you use this cologne every woman you walk by will want you. It’s really sad how today sexual assaults and harassments is caused by the media and the exploitation and sexualized images. Also, not only does it send the wrong message to men about power and dominance but also shows the wrong message to adolescents. For example, young kids who begin to look at the media for the first time. These advertisements are giving them the wrong message. I cannot imagine the kinds of effects it will have on the next future generation if it continues this way. These advertisements are giving men the wrong idea that they have complete control over woman’s bodies, and for woman that there only purpose is to look good and desirable for men. Our society has to change before it gets worse for our next generation of
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