Woman Hollering Creek: A Literary Analysis

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In these five works youth is seen in a different light; a light that is not always innocent. Through personal experiences, we are molded to how we see the world. The experiences in our youth are therefore even more important as they are the foundation of our perspective. For example, growing up wealthy is different than growing up in poverty. This shows that youth is complex and has many sides to it. Brownies, Angry Youth, Youth, Mistakes Were Made, and Woman Hollering Creek, show youth as something dark instead of being light. Woman Hollering Creek shows Cleofila stuck in a toxic relationship with nowhere to turn. By using stories such as La Llorona, Cisneros shows this story is anything but rainbows. Love, however, is a huge part of…show more content…
Growing up isolated from everyone this troop feels attacked when an all white troop invades their campsite. Because of how they believe caucasian people are they immediately plan some type of revenge. However, at the end, they realize that the troop is for people with disabilities and it makes them wonder why they were put at the same level as them. The focus of this story is to show that people are mean and there is no way in escaping. Especially when it affects your youth. Similarly to Brownies, Youth by Sunaina Maira shows that it is not always easy fitting into one category. Whether it be with age or race, there is no one set definition for youth but instead a whole range. How you grow up is a factor on how you see life which influences your time as an “adolescence”, slowly becoming an adult. Angry Youth shows youth through the protests and anger coming from the videos made by Tang Jei. He shows how being cultured allows people to see a deeper meaning in life. Through his eyes, he shows the feelings the people have when certain topics are addressed. It's quite intriguing because we are able to see the opinions of those who are also on our level. It also shows by sharing your voice we are able to unite to try to better ourselves and our countries. Overall these pieces contradict any traditional meaning of the word “youth” which challenges the minds of

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