Woman Hollering Creek Analysis

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Woman Hollering Creek was published in April 3rd, 1991 by Sandra Cisneros. She has published many books and stories such as The House on Mango Street, Caramelo, My wicked, and wicked ways. Common themes that appear in Woman Hollering Creek and other short stories by Sandra Cisneros are love, family, and the corruption of money. Sandra Cisneros enjoys writing about Woman’s rights and their contribution to society. Juan Pedro is in love with his family and wants to take care of them. The corruption of money had a huge effect on Juan Pedro. Since Juan Pedro is poor he is not able to provide money for his family and took out his frustration on his wife. In Woman Hollering Creek Sandro Cisneros illustrates that the corruption of money makes you do crazy things.
In Woman Hollering Creek the story starts off with Cleofilas getting married to Juan. Her father says some strong words that she’ll forget at the time but remember later in life when she becomes a mother. Cleofilas learns to be a woman from watching telenovelas. She has this obsession with soap operas. Juan and Cleofilas move to Seguin, Texas. Her husband makes a small amount of money and he beats her. This destroys her idea of her marriage being like a soap opera. Cleofilas goes to the doctors for an ultrasound and the doctors and nurses see all of the bruises over her. They help Cleofilas escape her husband. Cleofilas and her son leave and go to Mexico with a woman named Felice. She realizes how strong woman can be when
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