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The Woman in Black Novel to Film Susan Hill’s, “The Woman in Black” Book and the Film directed by James Watkins and starring Daniel Radcliffe will be compared in this paper to reveal the major differences in the book to film version. Arthur begins the narration by introducing himself and then sharing his story before confronting and sharing his past which has haunted him for many years. He has been employed with the same company ever since he began employment. He is a solicitor in London, England (p. 5) and he has a fiancée named Stella. (p. 4) He continue the story; stating that, “he had purchased the Monk’s Piece house where he resided with his second wife, Esme and her four children. Esme’s first husband had passed away. (p. 9). The…show more content…
When Arthur arrives, he finds no ordinary house, but “a big beautiful lonely mansion.” (p. 8) In the film, Arthur is looking out of the upstairs window when he sees the young woman in black at the graveyard near a tombstone and she was staring at him. Arthur is torn away from the woman in the window after being spooked by a black crow flying inside the bedroom, when he looks back out of the window, the woman in black is gone. The movie portrays this scene as the first time Arthur sees the woman in black. The book’s first appearance of the woman in black at the funeral is a much wiser and better choice because it creates suspense and gives the hint that she’s someone of significant interest and one to keep their eyes on. The fact that Arthur is the only one who can see her at this point reveals to the audience that this is no ordinary woman, but she is in fact a ghost. Also, in the book, Arthur is outside of the house and he’s close enough to see and describe her face as “looking pale and sick, with dark evil eyes.” (p.

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