Woman In Love Analysis

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Nature is one of the most powerful and mysterious forces of the universe that influences man greatly. Nature has always been an indispensable part of literature. To understand literature from all angles it becomes necessary for readers to see how nature has been treated in literature by various novelists. Nature occupies an important place in literature and the novel particularly. Nature is used by all creative writers to create the proper atmosphere in the novel. At times, nature itself becomes a dominating character which has got its own personality. It influences all the characters in the novel. So, the natural aspects of the novel are as important as the social-cultural, geopolitical and economic aspects. If we remove nature from literature,…show more content…
David Herbert Lawrence’s point of view on these relationships finds its best expression through the perspective of psychology with symbolism of nature. It also suggests regenerating natural and inexorable relationships between man and woman, and man and nature to explore the mystery of life. F.R. Leaves in his great literary work about D. H. Lawrence. He tells that Women in Love prove D. H. Lawrence as one of the greatest literary artists, and Lawrence is a modern novelist and uses a lot of modern writing techniques to mold the characters. Woman in Love is especially a book which “has artistic form more contrary to nature and meaningful structure”. The characters in the novel are extraordinary in their personalities which are closely related to the bible and have symbolic meanings. Women in Love, is one of Lawrence’s masterpieces and also one of the important novels of the 20th century. Nevertheless, this novel is difficult to comprehend and analyze Lawrence’s art thoroughly in novel writing. Another aspect is that different readers interpret it in different perspectives. Many readers try to understand it from a modern point of view and attach much importance to the writing styles and through which to reflect the characters and to exhibit one of the themes of the novel - the reinvention of love of the characters. In Women in Love, Lawrence uses a different technique…show more content…
He depicts the flowers as charm and color, and he also describes them as separate individual entities. Here is the illustration for Women in Love:
For the moment, sunshine fell brightly into the churchyard; there was a vague scent of sap and of spring, perhaps of violets from off the graves. Some white daisies were out, bright as angles. In the air, the unfolding leaves of a copper beech were blood-red [Lawrence, 1987:14].

At the view of flowers many characters feel wonderful. Lawrence mentions that Ursula and Birkin are bound at their situation:
The little red distillate flowers had some strange, almost Mystic-passionate attraction for her [Lawrence, pg. 41].

David Herbert Lawrence’s travel across the world helped him to have knowledge about flowers in which found in many states. The change of seasons brings charming blossoms and he drew the flowers springing up in different months of the year. Lawrence remarked:
It is mid-February before the first violets, the first crocus, and the First primrose. And in mid - February one may find a violet, a Primrose, a crocus in England… [Lawrence, Page:
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