Woman Issues And Equal Rights In Mansfield Park

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Woman issues and equal rights, upstairs and downstairs class I am specifically going to write a factual article about woman issues and equal rights and “upstairs and downstairs” class. I have read a classic English novel, which is called Oliver Twist. I have also seen some films, more specifically Hysteria and two versions of Mansfield Park, which can be connected to these two subjects I have chosen to talk about. Equal rights between women and men has been a big problem for a very long time. It has never been a granted thing, especially for the women. They have never had the same rights like the men. In The Regency Era, the best way for a woman to have a secure future was marriage, since women could not make fortune of their own. There were no real way for young women to be independent. The politics, the professions and the universities, etc. were not open to the women. They did not have the right to have an education, have an opinion about something or vote. A women’s career were marriage and making sure their husband were satisfied. Marriage were often based on social and financial reasons, rather than love. In The Regency Era, women were not highly appreciated. Their thoughts and meanings were looked at as worthless. Women tried to stand up for themselves but the men did not listen to the women because they thought that the women were less worthy. Fanny Price, the main character in Mansfield Park, is an example of a woman who tried to stand up for herself. When Sir

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