Woman's Work By Julia Alvarez Summary

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When I was young, I kept hearing from my Mother, “women should stay at home and do the household chores, such as cleaning the house and taken care of the family, while men is working and providing support for the family.” While growing up, I refuse to accepted it; I don’t want to be a domesticated woman only, I would like to have a career too. The poem of Julia Alvarez, “Woman’s Work”, reminds me of those old days when I was dreaming of my future. I can prove that managing the cleanliness of the house is a hard work. As what Alvarez stated, “Doing her woman’s work was a hard art.” It wasn’t easy to maintained the cleanliness of the house, especially, if you have children running around. Being a mother is not an easy job, it was a lot of work. Woman makes the “Home where our Heart is”, a house that full of love and care. Respectfully, Alvarez is being grateful of what her mother does and thought her but show some frustration when she mentioned, “I did not want to be her counterpart!” I believe, Alvarez wants to follow her heart, to write a paper. She follows her dreams, that why she is a great author now.…show more content…
I would like to play outside but then, I need to finish the cleaning task that my mother delegated on me. I felt so sad, hearing my friends outside playing while I am cleaning. The narrator, also stated that “She kept me prisoner in her housebound heart”, As a reader, I understand her feelings; It might sound complains but Alvarez is very grateful of what her mother does, “And, I, her masterpiece since I was smart, was primed, praised, polished, scolded and advised to keep a house much better than my heart. I believe, that she became successful being a woman with a contribute of her

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