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I have an article from Yahoo news about the oldest living wombat in captivity who was given the name Patrick also referred to as Paddy who receives a Tinder account for his 30th birthday. Now since some of you folks don’t know what a tinder account is I will elaborate. A tinder account is an account for an app/website used to find single people with some of the criteria that one could be looking for in someone. Now the process of finding a single is not very complicated, all one would have to do to allow another to see that they are being observed in admiration is simply right swipe their picture and if the person that has been right swiped wishes to conversate along with other acts of intimacy all they have to do is click on the person that right swiped them and start a conversation.

Along with this explanation of tinder I will also give a definition of a wombat just in case some of you have never seen nor heard of one. This following quote is the definition of a wombat given to me by searching “wombat definition” on google, the quote is as follows, “a burrowing plant-eating Australian marsupial that resembles a small bear with short legs”. The definition I read is in my opinion
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I have seen many cases of proud pet owners smothering their pets with human like possessions for example there was this one incident where I was on a trip over to Mexico to see my family over the summer break and while I was patiently waiting in line to be checked I see an adult women with a stroller and I honestly don’t know why I wanted to see what was inside said stroller but I did. So 9 year old me wants to see what’s inside of this stroller but this lady was not giving it up so I pretend to go to the bathroom just so I can get the angle I needed to see the object that was being held by this

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