Women And Leadership In Jane Austen's Emma

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Chapter 3: Women and Leadership All through, Emma, a book by Jane Austen, Emma Woodhouse, who is the main character experiences what has always been understood as a way to self-knowledge. As this lady, Miss Woodhouse may have undergone many challenges throughout his character as the novel began, she recognizes and repents the rash actions she had previously caused and the faults are seen to disappear becoming insignificance. The character in Emma changes in several ways from the worst to better and the change makes the reader to be attracted by her, thus generally it directs someone to be sympathetic when approaching her. But, Emma has the main character and trait in that she is too much in her own way and, a character that makes someone to be to lose the sympathy towards her mainly in relating the selfish attitudes in her towards the ones of reduced collective responsibility than herself. The opening sentence of Austen is a clear description of Emma to the reader. She is seen to be handsome, has a sharp mind and wealthy, the comfortable home and a happy disposition in addition. The happy disposition in Emma seems to bring together the best blessings seen in existence and twists the mind of the reader to take her as not spoilt and smug. Instead, she is understood as a person friendly. The life of Miss Woodhouse is not portrayed as wonderful along the much time he lives. A person gets to be alerted on the weaknesses and the failures which are made by the character of Emma.
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